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Articles and Tips for Writers

By Susan Snowden


Preparing Your Book Manuscript
Make sure your manuscript (ms.) is in standard form before sending it to an agent or editor. That "pile of paper" represents you and your work, so you will want it to look professional. Read more...

Common Mistakes First-Time Novelists Make
The ten most common mistakes for first-time novelists.

Cut Out Those Clichés
Avoid using clichés in your writing. Avoid them "like the plague"! Seriously, the best writers try to weed out as many tired, overused phrases from their work as possible. Here's an exercise for you. Read more...

Tips on Contacting Literary Agents
The do's and don'ts of working with literary agents. Read more...

Tips on Writing Description
When it comes to describing people and places, don't go overboard! Read more...

The Importance of Proofreading Your Book After It Has Been Typeset
Don't wait until it's too late; proofread the page proofs of your book before it goes to press. Read more...

Triggers for Story Ideas
Whenever I teach creative writing, there are always a few students who say they can’t think of anything to write about. If you have the same problem, this little exercise may help you come up with some ideas. Read more...

What Editors Do
Whenever someone asks me what I do, I generally answer, "I'm a book editor." Unfortunately, I often get a blank stare and silence, or a look of confusion on the person's face. The next question I get is, "Well, OK, but what is it you actually do?" Read more...

Writer's Checklist for After You Write
Suggestions for short story writers.

Writing Humorous Stories
The do's and don'ts of writing humorous stories, articles, and columns. Read more...

Writing Magazine Articles
Tips to help you write articles that magazine editors will want to publish. Read more

Guidelines for Writers' Critique Groups
Getting constructive criticism from other writers is a crucial part of the writing process. Here's advice on how to start and maintain an effective group. Read more…

A Dozen Tips on Writing Dialogue
Want to write believable, readable dialogue? Here are a dozen do's and don'ts to review. Read more…

Catch 'Em in Your Web: How To Improve Your Website
Learn how to make your website more effective. Read more



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