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Catch 'Em in Your Web:
How To Improve Your Website

Whether you're an author selling books or a retailer selling widgets and weathervanes, here are tips on making your website effective:

1) Your opening page is key. Studies show that surfers spend less than a minute on an opening page. Don't make them scratch their heads wondering what your site's all about.

2) People scan copy on a webpage. Don't cram your pages with huge blocks of type. (People in the print business call this "tomb-stoning" for obvious reasons!) Format your information in short paragraphs, or run bulleted material that can be read quickly and easily.

3) If possible, use no more than 250 words on your homepage and include at least one strong (appropriate) visual.

4) Somewhere on your site include a clear call to action. Examples: Email us today to schedule your free 15-minute consultation; add email address or link. Or: Email us today for our rate sheet and additional information about our services.

5) Assess your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? Does the image your srunite conveys match your target audience? For example, if it's a corporate audience, you'll want your site to look slick and professional. If your prospective clients are nonprofits and small businesses, make sure your site doesn't look too slick. If it does, they'll think they can't afford you.

6) The tone of your copy should also match the image you want to project. If you sell funky clothes, write in an upbeat, jazzy style. But if you're an attorney, your tone will be serious and professional. (One caveat: Whatever your field, avoid industry jargon your readers might not understand.)

7) Avoid sloppy copy! Have you carefully proofed your copy before posting it? Errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc., make you (or your company) look unprofessional. Enlist the services of a professional writer or editor if these skills are not your forte.

8) Use high quality pictures on your site; toss out grainy snapshots that are hard to see. Make sure the pictures say something.They should augment your written message, rather than detract from it. Are there groups of people who aren't identified on your site? A strong image of one person is more powerful than ten lined up in a row. (If you use a stock photo, the person doesn't need to be identified.)

9) Never dead-end visitors on a page. Make sure they can navigate around your site easily. If they're dead-ended, it's not certain they'll try to find you again.

10) Make sure it's easy for surfers to find out how to contact you.

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