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Susan Snowden has edited both fiction and nonfiction for authors and publishers for more than 25 years. Her clients have landed top New York agents, signed contracts with respected publishing houses, self-published and marketed their own books, and won prizes in regional and national writing contests. "Often they call me right away to share their success stories," Susan says. "I feel like a midwife on these occasions and get as excited about these 'births' as they do."

Why hire an editor?

Is your nonfiction book focused, written clearly and in the appropriate tone for your audience? Are the characters in your novel believable? What about plot? Will an agent start snoozing on page ten, or be riveted by your story and eager to represent you? Have you prepared your manuscript in the proper format? How would a publisher rate your grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

Chances are, you won’t get honest answers to these questions from your best friend, your spouse–not even Aunt Maudie, who’s taught high school English since 1980. It’s wiser, really, to seek counsel from a professional, someone who will give you kind, yet truthful, guidance through the often perplexing process of getting your work published.

"Because I am a writer as well as an editor, I know how authors feel when they receive those dreaded rejections. Encouraging clients is an important part of my job; I simply don’t let them give up." – Susan Snowden

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